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If I don’t leave a legacy none of it will be worth it

London’s Own

Growing up in Brixton as a young boy, had its challenges. At that time the area was plagued with crime, drugs and violence. From a young age I always strived to better myself. At the age of 7, my obsession with basketball began when my older brother bought me a Michael Jordan poster. I started playing on the streets with friends until my father took me to Brixton Recreation Centre, home of the Brixton Topcats Basketball Club.

mentorship/coaching/school visits


I’ll be providing kids with mentorship to achieve their personal goals and set targets.


Encouraged to work as a team with other young people from within the school and/or in the local community.

school visits

Regular check ups to reflect back on their progression and development.

What they say about Me

The students loved being put through their paces with the drills Justin gave them and were excited to play in front of him.

    Ms. Williams

    Deptford Green Secondary School

    Justin is able to acknowledge the youths concerns and at times fears by drawing on his own experiences and being a person of principle.

      Wayne Henry

      Under 18 Boys Coach Brixton Topcats

      I get to meet him after the games along with his family and son Zion, he always has time for fans. Justin Robinson is definitely my favourite player in the BBL, he is the reason I support London Lions.

        Owen 14


        My sons first session was an eye opener. The session was intense, but this is something my son needed. To experience this level of training which will allow him to reach new heights regarding all aspect of his game!



          I am very grateful to have met this guy. Justin understood me straight away since he is from here. He has given me great advice on how to just focus on one thing and not let no-one distract me from that one thing.

            Ibrahim 17


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            Voted by coaches as league MVP for a consecutive season, becoming the 1st British Born player to ever achieve this feat.